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Centrum voor alcohol- en drugsverslaving BOYLAM AMATEM is nu geopend.

Internationale Standaard

Our hospital is a horizontally located psychiatric and mental health rehabilitation complex designed in accordance with international special standards requirements

Teamwerk in de psychiatrie

Our team is working in the areas of adult, child and adolescent psychiatry, performing individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy, giving social skills training, comprehensive evaluation with clinical scale and psychological tests

Diagnose- en behandelingstoepassingen

Prior to the treatment, our team is highly sensitive for the correct diagnosis by applying a large number of tests and several clinical scales

Een nieuwe benadering in de psychiatrie, een nieuw begrip met therapie.

The main characteristic of our hospital is that it has psychotherapy oriented approach. Every patient who is ready to receive psychotherapy receives therapy every day from a psychiatrist or psychologist who is a certified therapist.