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Most Frequently Asked 50 Questions and Their Answers

What should I bring with me coming to hospital?

You should bring your daily clothes, pyjamas, underclothes, socks, slippers, track suit and sports shoes. You also should bring bath sponge, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste. Male patients who want to shave themselves can only use electric shavers, so they can bring their shavers, which will be kept by the nurse of the relevant floor. Cigarettes are not for sale in the hospital cafetaria, so the patients should bring their own cigarettes. (Smoking is only allowed in smoking room of the hospital). You should not bring valuable pieces or high amounts of cash. However, if necessary, you may use the safe box in the business office.


What is the average stay?

It mostly depends on the patient, but generally it’s 3-6 weeks.


What kind of treatments do you have?

Medical treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, biblio-therapy, behavior therapies, psycho-education and family counselling, hobby and art therapy, social skills training and electro-convulsive treatment are carried out in our hospital.


Will I have therapy?

All psychiatrists and psychologists are certificate psychotherapists trained in therapeutic education. Appropriate psychotherapeutic approach is selected and employed for each patient.


Under which circumstances do you give electro-convulsive treatment (ECT)?

Mostly, for severe depression (melancholia). Some patients diagnosed with mania and schzophrenia can be treated with ECT.


If ECT is decided, in what frequency and how many times will it be given?

6-12 times in total, two or three times a week is an option. Generally, itis applied seven times total, three in a week.


Do I have the option for not taking the medicines?

We give medicines so selectively and use medical treatment as little as possible. This is the necessary code of using medicines scientifically. Some patients are treated only with psychotherapeutic methods. However, if the patient’s need for medicines is decided, we give adequate information about that too. If your doctor decides that you must be treated, you should know that using medicines is for your benefit. If you do not take your medicines when you should, your treatment will bear no positive results. Moreover, in some emergency cases, medical treatment can begin immediately.


Can I participate in group therapies?

Not every patient is desired to participate in group therapies. However, if you are asked to join group therapy, this means it is necessary for your special condition. In this case, it would be very much in your interest to participate in group therapies. Moreover, group therapies will be conducted synchronically with individual therapies. We cannot sustain your therapy if you do not participate in your group therapy.

What would be the benefit of psychological tests you make?

There are so many psychological tests in our hospital, which are personality tests, projective tests, neuropsychological tests, intelligence tests and clinical scales. Your doctor and psychologist will decide which tests and scales will be for you. These tests and scales will help us know and understand you better, reinforce our clinical diagnosis and shed light on therapy process.


Do you treat non-psychiatric disorders?

We make required examinations for non-psychiatric complaints, signs and findings and ask for consultation when necessary. In emergency cases, we send the patient to the relevant hospital by ambulance.


Can I bring my other medicines I use?

You must inform your doctor about your all medicines whether they are about psychiatry or another medical branch. All medicines you use during your stay will be given by nurses. It is not correct nor allowed that you use any kind of medicine without informing your doctor and nurse. Please consider that there may be some kind of interaction between medicines.


Will I recover completely? Can you guarantee this?

There is no guarantee in medicine. Our psychiatrists and psychologists follow the latest developments closely. Our treatment methods are the most updated ones. Some of the psychological disorders are treated completely, while a part of them recover substantially and so many people become functional in their daily lives (school/work, human relations, personal care).


How often will I see my psychiatrist and psychologist?

Generally, you can see them every day. Your psychiatrist and psychologist will implement your treatment design step by step and see you frequently. You can also see the hospital’s dietitian weekly.


How can I learn my daily meeting hours?

The list is hung on the board in the floor for psychiatrists at 9.30 a.m each day; and you can check your time from the list. Hours of group psychotherapy, biblio-therapy, behavior therapy, psycho-education and family counselling, hobby and art therapy, social skills training are also written there.


Will my information remain confidential?

Be sure that the information you give will be kept confidential.


May I be on leave when I want?

You can decide with your psychiatrist when you will be on leave. This may not be appropriate for your treatment process.


May I be on leave on my own?

Our patients are only allowed to be on leave with their closest relatives. If one of your relatives cannot come, you should see your doctor and find a solution together.


May I be on overnight leave?

Our patients are only allowed to leave for the day and return on the same day. Overnight leaves are not allowed.


Can I leave or take my patient out whenever I want?

You can do this, but if this patient is taken out before his treatment is over, you will have the legal obligation in case he harms himself or people around him.


What is the responsibility of patient’s relatives?

Some of our patients do not accept their situation, may not want to stay in the hospital, take their medicines after leaving the hospital or go to their controls. At least, one relative’s cooperation with the patient’s doctor will influence the treatment course positively.


What kind of social activities do you have in your hospital?

We have a sitting room with fireplace, waterfall street, aquarium, playing room, reading room, library, internet room, room for handicraft, painting and hobby, fitness center, hall for education, conference and cinema, closed circuit music and TV broadcast, outdoor walking, running and bicycle track, pond and a huge garden with trees. All daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines come regularly. Moreover, we provide exercises for getting rid of stress and relaxing, yoga and percussion instrument trainings.


How will I dress within the day?

You should wear casual clothes. You can wander around the hospital with your slippers on or clean and unworn shoes. You should be careful and not wear your outdoor shoes in the hospital. You should not wear pyjamas, slippers or walk in barefeet.


Will you search our dresses, bags or suitcases while entering and leaving the hospital?

Your and other peoples’ safety is of great importance. All measures are taken for your safety. That is why your clothes, bags or suitcases will be searched by a security staff in company with the nurse.


Can I bring my cellphone with me?

We try not to behave too restrictive in the hospital. If there isn’t any problem concerning your treatment, you may be allowed to use your cellphone. However, you must not lend your cellphone to anyone else.


Can I bring my own laptop to the hospital?

If there isn’t any problem with your treatment, you may be allowed to bring your own laptop. We have free Wi-Fi connections all around the hospital.


May I leave my car in the parking lot during my stay in your hospital?

You must not park your car long-term in the hospital’s car park. In compulsory situations, if you park you car with permission, you must leave the keys with the security.



May I have an attendant with me?

Our hospital is designed to host attendants. However, your doctor will decide if this is necessary.


Who can visit me?

Only family members of patients under??? 18 can visit them. Other people’s visit are subject to special permission. Visitors may be restricted for the health and safety of patients. A maximum of four visitors are allowed each visit.


How can my relatives get details concerning me?

The easiest way for your relatives to get details about you by making an appointment from doctor floor secreatary and meet your doctor face to face. Since our doctors work hard and see patients for most of the time, they may not be able to answer phone calls. If you want to phone, it would be better to choose 4-5 p.m to speak to the doctor. As there is only a night doctor on duty in the hospital in the evenings, you must not call the hospital in the evenings.


When can my relatives come and see my doctor? Do they need an appointment?

When your relatives come to visit you, they may not be able to see your doctor. The best way of seeing your doctor is to make an appointment with the doctors’ floor secreatary.


What are the visiting days?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays; between 14:00 – 17:00


On what hours will we have our meals?

Breakfast is between 8-9 a.m., lunch is between 1-2 p.m., and dinner is between 6-7 p.m.


Why is the food not more fatty and salty?

If the food was fatty and salty, they might be more delicious, yet not healthy. All food in our hospital is prepared under the direction of dieticians.


Why can’t we have glass cups or knives?

No sharp objects are allowed in our hospital due to security reasons and they are not allowed to be brought into the hospital.


Can I bring or order takeaway food?

No takeaway is allowed in the hospital due to healthcare and cleaning conditions. No food or drinking is allowed in the rooms.


Does the hospital have an hairdresser?

We have hairdresser for both men and women. The men’s hairdresser can shave them; the women’s hairdresser may set, cut and dye women’s hair.


How can I have my clothes washed?

You can have your clothes washed in our laundry at a charge.


Where can I smoke?

A special smoking room is reserved in the hospital where you can smoke. No smoking is allowed in rooms, floors and other parts of the hospital. If anyone smokes, the fire alarm goes off.


Can I buy books from library?

Our hospital has its own publications. You can find samples of these books in our hospital’s library and make use of them during your stay in our hospital. And you also can buy whatever books you want, our patient guides will help you in this.


Are other patients dangereous?

Patients in our hospital are not considered “dangereous”. However, we have to take immediate measures for some patients from time to time and necessary attempts will be taken for these patients in a short time. We have a special floor and very secure rooms for such patients. Such patients will be treated in a short time and go to other patient floors.


What must I do if I see inappropriate behaviors of other patients?

If you see such behaviours, you must immediately inform security staff about the issue, and if you cannot have any point???? in short time, you should inform your doctor, too.


Hospitals bore me. Can I have the treatment outside?

You can take the medicine that is most effective and with the least side effects under the doctor’s control. Only after the dose of a medicine is determined, you can use this medicine at home. A patient staying in a hospital due to his/her surgery cannot leave the hospital because of boredom. After you have enough days of treatment, your doctor will not keep you in the hospital for even one extra day.


Am I in a bad situation to stay in the hospital?

You may need to stay in the hospital for various psychiatrical reasons. Emergent cases , and resistant patients that cannot be diagnosed in outpatient ways or do not response to treatment, cases requiring heavy behavior therapy, patients to go under ECT, patients that should stay away from their own environment for a short time and substance addicts must be treated as in-patient. You may be recommended to stay in the hospital as a part of the treatment process rather than being in a bad situation.


Can I have a daily treatment without staying here?

Our working system is designed for in-patient treatment. We do not have such a system that treats people with outpatient methods every day.


(For addicts) Can I quit using substances without staying in the hospital?

Treatment for substance addiction can only be through outpatient methods, de-toxification, motivator meeting method, individual and group psychotherapies and behavior psychotherapies. So, substance addiction treatment cannot be administered monitoring with outpatient methods.

Do you have an agreement with SSI (Social Security Instution)

Our hospital has an agreement with the SSI. And we can provide a medicine and incapacity report.


How will we make payments?

Payments are made weekly in advance.


Will I have an incapacity report after leaving the hospital?

The medical board of the hospital will decide this.


Can I see my doctor and my psychologist after my stay?

Our doctors and psychologists follow our previous patients after their stay in our hospital, too. We have reserved days for this. You may take an appointment from our secreatary after your stay ends.


We hope you get better soon…