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Private Boylam Psychiatric Hospital

About Us

Private Boylam Psychiatric Hospital is a hospital (with 51 beds) specialized in diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and substance addictions as well as psychological disorders. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic depression), depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, specific phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, somatoform disorders, dissociative disorders, Alzheimer and all other dementias, alcoholism and other substance addictions, internet and gambling addiction, sleep disorders, eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, sexual dysfunctionalities and personality disorders especially borderline personality disorders are treated in our hospital.

The main characteristic of our hospital is its psychotherapy-based approach. Each patient ready for psychotherapy receives therapy from psychiatrists or psychologists who are therapists with certificate everyday they spend here. In addition to individual and group therapies, psycho-pharmacotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, detoxification therapy, behavior activation therapy and other behavioral therapy methods besides social skills training are providetion for relevant patients. There are so many psychiatric and biblio-therapatic books published by the hospital’s own publishing house. These books are mostly used during therapy process.

Before the treatment, many tests such as MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), Beier Sentence Completion Test, Thematic Perception Test, Mini Mental Test for Educated and Uneducated People, Bender-Gestalt Visual-Kinetic Perception Test, Benton Visual Memory Test, Wechsler Intelligence Test for Adults and Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis 1 Disorders and many other clinical scales are employed and thus patients are diagnosed correctly.

Diagnosis and treatment services are calculated and paid through “daily package charge” in our hospital. Psychiatric evaluation, phsyical and neurological examination, medical board general evaluation under Assistant Professor supervision, individual therapy, biblio-therapy, group therapy, hobby and art therapy, social skills trainings, psycho-education and family counselling, psychological tests and scales, medicines, laboratory examinations, EKG, nursing care, dietary counselling, full-board meal, single room accomodation and social activites in hospital are included in this package. For foreign patients, hospital attendants, EKT with anaesthesia, special laboratory examinations like hormones etc., drugs and stimulant examinations, X-ray, closed or open MR, EEG, ultrasonography examinations, sleep laboratory examinations, consultation examinations and private transportation and ambulance services are not included daily package charge.

Our hospital was built horizontally with sickbeds on maximum two floors and all rehabilitation units on one floor according to international standards in psychiatry. With its 90 square-meters closed and 500 square-meters open area, our hospital is the biggest private psychiatric hospital of Turkey. And also with its 49 sickbeds, 2 intensive care beds, 2 supervision beds and a sleep laboratory, it provides 7/24 service. We have training, conference and cinema halls, reading room and library, internet room, sports room, playing room and handicraft, painting and hobby ateliers in our hospital. In addition to its hall with fireplace, cafetaria, winter garden, waterfall street, open and closed restaurants, aquarium, cafeteria mansion in fresh air atmosphere, hairdresser for men and women and praying room, there are walking and running tracks and a wooded garden aroun hospital. All rooms and settings are air-conditioned. Shatterproof glasses with low sound penetration are used in all rooms. All hospitals are monitored with surveillance cameras all day.

Besides 7/24 emergency psychiatry service in our hospital, ambulance service with hospital’s own ambulance, a doctor and healthcare official is also given and patients are brought with ambulance to the hospital in emergency cases.

Our hospital is located at its own premise on Ankara-İstanbul Anatolian Highway (TEM), lasting half an hour from Bilkent and 45 minutes from Kavaklıdere (Ankara). Also, it lasts half an hour to Esenboğa Airport (Ankara) via ringroad and three hours to Ataşehir (İstanbul) via TEM Highway. Patients outside Ankara or abroad are welcomed in airport, if desired. Located at a peaceful environment away from city’s chaos yet on the skirts of it, our hospital gives diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services about mental health.

As a horizontally located psychiatric hospital, our sickbeds are on maximum two floors and rehabilitation units on one floor in pursuant to international private standards…

With its 90 square-meters closed and 500 square-meters open area per patient, the biggest private psychiatric hospital of Turkey… With its 49 sickbeds, 2 intensive care beds, 2 supervision beds and a sleep laboratory, it provides 7/24 service.